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Impact Positive Change by Analyzing the Profile of Your Workforce

Analyze the profile of your workforce, while creating unique and meaningful engagement opportunities, with a robust data visualization and reporting dashboard, which goes together with our ePortfolio tool. Use the data to support clinical ladder initiatives, identify future leaders, and inform recognition opportunities.


  • Data visualization dashboard
  • Track and manage progress over a timeline for key demographic data
  • Discover high achievers and engage in clinical ladder programs
  • Generate targeted groups of students for mentorship programs
  • Robust filtering capabilities
  • Find unique opportunities to engage with your staff
  • Monitor status of employee credentials required for duty
  • Boost morale by finding qualified internal candidates to fill leadership vacancies

Simplify Magnet Data Collection and Reporting

For our customers seeking or maintaining Magnet Recognition®, our Magnet reporting tool will make the job much easier. It helps manage the challenging tasks of harnessing employee-related data to satisfy annual certification and education requirements for the Magnet Demographic Data Collection Tool®. 


  • Assign Profile Activity to nurses for data collection
  • Manage data collection through assignment completion reports
  • Map internal job titles and departments to Magnet categories
  • Validate data accuracy and generate reports for education and certification data based on Magnet format requirements
  • Accepted certifications and education levels aligned and maintained to Magnet standards
ePortfolio provides a means through which nurses can record and provide evidence of skills, achievements, experience, professional development and ongoing learning, not only for themselves, but for the information and scrutiny of registration boards, employers, managers and peers.

—Faculty of Health, University of Technology

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