• 47%
    of all low risk hospital deaths are caused by maternal obstetric complications
  • 40%
    of value-based incentive payments are based on outcomes measures
  • 19%
    of nurses reported using equipment improperly

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Reduce the Likelihood of Adverse Events

HealthStream’s OneSource Medical Product Training solution provides engaging, interactive courseware that gives your employees the opportunity to learn and train on medical products—often with virtual simulations—from a wide range of manufacturers. And since it’s all online, your employees can train any time and from any place, with everything in one central location.


  • Build Staff Confidence – Now every employee has access to comprehensive medical product training and engaging, convenient online courses
  • Save Time and Resources – Reduce your need for classroom space, materials, and group schedules
  • Maintain Compliance – Simple reporting informs your decisions about who needs training for what, while objective analytics show course completions and training effectiveness

Do you have a plan to reduce adverse events related to improper use of medical products? 

Design a Medical Product Training Program with engaging, interactive courseware from leading manufacturers to reduce adverse events and enable more efficient device training.

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