Increase productivity_LB

Actionable forecasting

Avoid practice variability_Y

Deeper visibility

Leverage Accurate Data_C

Clinical data-driven

Place the right staff with the right patients at the right time.

Delivering efficient care relies upon the agile, effective management of an empowered workforce. ANSOS™ Scheduling Solutions is the foundation of a powerful suite of productivity and position management technologies that help ensure regulatory compliance, minimize overtime and agency costs, and support job satisfaction initiatives.

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ANSOS-Staff Scheduling

Proactive Staff Scheduling

  • Automatically generate customized scheduling
  • Simulate schedules to review impact on costs and care
  • Easily redeploy qualified staff to align with actual demand
  • Provide staff mobile access to up-to-date assignments

Custom Schedule Management

  • Staff choose schedules through at-home schedule management
  • 24/7 access to open-shift opportunities
  • Distributing shift opportunities intelligently
  • Monitor real-time variances between census and filled shifts for agile management

Clinically-Driven Assignments

  • Forecast staffing requirements from charts and workload data
  • Balance workload distribution in real time
  • Boost staff accountability through recorded patient history
  • Create patient-level assignments with real-time aggregation of patient acuity assessments

Trend Analysis and Intervention

  • Address variances in actual, targeted and budgeted values before they become critical
  • Multi-level insight from summary to shift-by-shift staffing details
  • Retrieve historical data for detailed analysis and trending
  • Build custom reporting groups and calculate costs based upon adjustable timeframes

The ANSOS Impact:


Increased job satisfaction and productivity

Record and Manage Attendance_LB

Reduced labor costs by optimizing staff deployment

Save Time_C

More time spent managing care, less time managing schedules

As a leader, do you need to:

  • Anticipate workload requirements
  • Meet staffing variations in real time
  • Balance clinical needs with staff’s professional goals.

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Discover how staffing driven by clinical data can dramatically impact costs and boost productivity.