Increase productivity_LB

Actionable forecasting

Avoid practice variability_Y

Deeper visibility

Leverage Accurate Data_C

Clinical data-driven

Place the right staff with the right patients at the right time.

Delivering efficient care relies upon the agile, effective management of an empowered workforce. ANSOS™ Scheduling Solutions is the foundation of a powerful suite of productivity and position management technologies that help ensure regulatory compliance, minimize overtime and agency costs, and support job satisfaction initiatives.

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Two powerful technologies for workforce scheduling

Staff Scheduling

This productivity management solution anticipates your workload requirements, tracks staffing variations in real-time, and balances clinical needs with your staff’s professional goals.

Time and Attendance

Connect staffing to your payroll solution for robust, real-time reporting that delivers cost-focused current and future staffing data to your managers.

Web-based modules provide enhanced access and insights that help your staff thrive.

Web Scheduler
Create equitable, transparent schedules by granting managers and staff unified access to scheduling information

Acuity and Assignment Manager
Leverage patient acuity and workload data to accurately forecast staffing requirements 24-hours ahead

Web Reporting
Analyze enterprise-wide productivity to identify cost avoidance down to the caregiver


ANSOS-Staff Scheduling

Proactive Staff Scheduling

  • Automatically generate customized scheduling
  • Simulate schedules to review impact on costs and care
  • Easily redeploy qualified staff to align with actual demand
  • Provide staff mobile access to up-to-date assignments

Custom Schedule Management

  • Staff choose schedules through at-home schedule management
  • 24/7 access to open-shift opportunities
  • Distributing shift opportunities intelligently
  • Monitor real-time variances between census and filled shifts for agile management

Clinically-Driven Assignments

  • Forecast staffing requirements from charts and workload data
  • Balance workload distribution in real time
  • Boost staff accountability through recorded patient history
  • Create patient-level assignments with real-time aggregation of patient acuity assessments

Trend Analysis and Intervention

  • Address variances in actual, targeted and budgeted values before they become critical
  • Multi-level insight from summary to shift-by-shift staffing details
  • Retrieve historical data for detailed analysis and trending
  • Build custom reporting groups and calculate costs based upon adjustable timeframes

The ANSOS Impact:


Increased job satisfaction and productivity

Record and Manage Attendance_LB

Reduced labor costs by optimizing staff deployment

Save Time_C

More time spent managing care, less time managing schedules

As a leader, do you need to :

  • Anticipate workload requirements
  • Meet staffing variations in real time
  • Balance clinical needs with staff’s professional goals.

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Discover how staffing driven by clinical data can dramatically impact costs and boost productivity.