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Give preceptors the support they need to enhance their skills and competency

HealthStream helps you identify, onboard, and develop the right future leaders for your organization with expert thought leadership, clinical courseware, evidence-based training, and professional development courses for new and seasoned clinicians designed for perinatal, critical care, med-surg, perioperative, and other specialty settings.

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Improve the nurse transition experience with exceptional preceptor training

We understand the unique challenges nursing leaders face to maintain a confident and engaged workforce while ensuring a positive patient experience. In order to fully develop preceptors who can effectively guide staff through their transition into a new environment, a healthcare organization needs more than just courseware.

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Leverage HealthStream’s Preceptor Development to:

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Facilitate effective matching of preceptor and preceptee

Improve Physician-Patient Interpersonal Communication_LB

Optimize success of the transition experience for preceptees


Enhance development of essential coping skills and critical thinking/decision-making abilities


Program Features

  • Select International® Caring Behaviors Assessment (C.A.R.E.S.)™ – Identifies behavioral tendencies across five factors and provides insight into your preceptors’ own strengths and opportunities, allowing you to more appropriately pair them with preceptees
  • Co-developed with industry expert Sigma (formally known as Sigma Theta Tau International)
  • Courseware is based on the award-winning book, Mastering Precepting, and includes a module for preceptees to help them better understand their own role in creating a successful learning experience


  • Bonus module for preceptees helps new nurses to understand the preceptor role, and to set expectations for the preceptor/preceptee relationship
  • Videos that provide real-life scenarios of the challenges preceptors and preceptees routinely face
  • Vignettes are embedded in the courseware, and are also provided as stand-alone tools for use in the classroom
  • Facilitator Guide builds upon the courseware content with classroom-led activities


  • Focuses on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes preceptors need to be effective in their role
  • Validation is permanently documented online in the HealthStream Transcript
  • ANCC Certificate presented upon a successful completion of the HealthStream Preceptor Development program

Client Spotlight

One of the greatest challenges we face with training our new staff is having enough well prepared, engaged preceptors to guide them.

Michelle Hammerly

Regional Director of Education

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Health System

Not only do facilities now face a huge number of retirements over the next 5 – 7 years that will cause staffing shortages, but they should also be concerned about the wealth of knowledge that will be walking out their doors.

Susan Root

MSN, RN, CNOR and Manager


As a healthcare leader, are you…

  • Struggling to properly facilitate matching of preceptor and preceptee?
  • Uncertain how to successfully transition your preceptees through their experience
  • Looking to development your staff’s critical thinking skills and decision-making abilities?

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