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Network - Provider network management software for health plans

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Tackle all the challenges of provider directory management within a health plan with a single solution tailored to your specific needs.

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Your one-stop shop for managing and monitoring your provider network

Network directly addresses payer needs with a focus on provider data management and the creation of downstream efficiencies. With Network you get a one-stop shop for solving the unique challenges related to managing a health plan network. This includes seamless provider onboarding, maintaining provider network adequacy, delivering directory accuracy, and complying with industry regulations.

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National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) standards, specifically CR1 Element C, Credentialing System Controls which monitor:


  • How primary source verification information is received, dated and stored.
  • How modified information is tracked and dated from its initial verification.
  • Titles or roles of staff who are authorized to review, modify and delete information, and circumstances when modification or deletion is appropriate.
  • The security controls in place to protect the information from unauthorized modification.
  • The building security that adequately limits physical access to credentials information. 
  • How the organization monitors its compliance with the policies and procedures related to the factors above.



Automate & Provide

  • Streamline efficiency with workflows designed for provider data management, compliance monitoring, market expansion, and provider recruitment.
  • Ensure members can find the care they need with accurate directories.

Maintain & Comply

  • Easily measure, manage, and monitor your network coverage to ensure network adequacy.
  • Maintain compliance with the No Surprises Act and other industry regulations.

Consolidate & Delight

  • Store all data, including PSV, workflows, providers, and offices/locations, online - in one place.
  • Create excellent member experiences through increased access, adequacy, and accuracy.


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The only provider data management systems designed specifically for health plans

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If you’re seeking a single source to manage:

  • Plans, Products and Lines of Business
  • Credentialing
  • Network Management
  • Directory Maintenance 

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