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Your provider credentialing and enrollment guide

Today’s medical groups face a unique set of challenges including sometimes having just one individual in charge of all onboarding, credentialing, and enrollment tasks. To make matters worse, that one person must often juggle a cobbled together mix of spreadsheets and software to get the work done! But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

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Simplify data entry and validation

Reduce Manual Errors

Reduce Manual Errors

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Streamline medical billing

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Increase patient and provider satisfaction


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Consolidate & communicate

  • Store and protect information and documents for providers, locations and Tax IDs in a single location
  • Interface with providers through a secure portal to exchange information and forms with DocuSign technology

Automate & accelerate

  • Automate primary source verification with over 800 sites, including DEA, OIG, and SAM
  • Rapidly complete applications with a library of preformatted payer applications

Simplify & save

  • Utilize dozens of pre-built reports and workflows
  • Benefit from low up-front costs and a monthly or annual subscription


CredentialMyDoc is the staple of our credentialing process. I can’t imagine doing business without it. I needed a practical solution that would serve as a data repository and give me the ability to extract, manipulate and report on that data for an affordable price and CredentialMyDoc checks all those boxes and more.

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The pressure on today’s medical groups to increase revenue and expedite provider enrollment is intense. You can’t do that by manually tracking dozens of providers, cobbling together paper applications, and managing credentialing and re-credentialing with a mix of disjointed tools. You need strategies and solutions that decrease cost, increase revenue, and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

Medial Groups who use CredentialMyDoc enjoy its:

  • Breadth of functionality: Automate primary source verification with over 800 sites, including DEA, OIG, and SAM and rapidly complete applications utilizing a library of preformatted payer and facility applications.
  • Customization capabilities: Customize dozens of pre-built reports, workflows and reports to meet your unique needs.
  • Affordability: Low up-front costs with monthly and annual subscription models.
  • Ease of ownership: As a cloud-based solution there is no hardware to buy, no software to install and no IT hassles.

Does your medical group need help with:

  • Onboarding
  • Provider Enrollment
  • Credentialing Workflows
  • Reporting
  • Expirables Management

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