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Ensure certification

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Increase workplace safety

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Build critical response skills

When emergencies occur, will your staff be ready?

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere. According to OSHA, an estimated 3.3 million injuries and illnesses occur in the workplace. For the well-being of everyone, it’s important to have staff trained to respond in a sudden medical emergency.

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Confidence in a medical emergency. Certification at your own pace.

HealthStream’s Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED training prepares employees for the unexpected medical emergencies that happen all too frequently outside of a clinical setting. The training is imperative to prepare employees in utilizing evidence-based skills that can save lives. With blended training options, free streaming videos and immediate certifications, this program has the flexibility to meet all staff needs.


Employers of non-medical professionals can leverage First Aid/CPR/AED to:


Ensure non-clinical staff are quickly and thoroughly trained to handle emergency medical events

Provide peace of mind that harmful mistakes won’t occur_G

Train staff on their schedule and at their own pace

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Assuage employee fears that they will not be ready for an emergency event

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Quickly meet OSHA and other government regulations for training




  • Free streaming videos for classroom instructors
  • No cost for two-year certification cards
  • Digital student certificates available immediately
  • Flexibility to meet learners requirements


  • Programs feature blended training options
  • Learn and get certified when it’s convenient to you
  • Focus on what you need to get certified as soon as possible
  • All training and certificates are OSHA and government compliant

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As a leader, are you:

  • Searching for an affordable and flexible option to train employees in first aid response?
  • Eager to build employee knowledge and confidence for emergency response?
  • Concerned about ensuring certification that meets all regulations?

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See for yourself how the First Aid/CPR/AED program can prepare your non-medical staff to be ready in an emergency.