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73% Cost savings and CE convenience for Columbia Memorial Health

In the first year, coordinators from Columbia Memorial utilized 50 unique courses within CE Unlimited. By utilizing CE Unlimited, they were able to obtain an initial savings of 73.1% for those initial 50 courses. Added to this is the time saved, which was estimated to take 8 hours per course manually – now, coordinators had access to more than 2,000 prepared courses, drastically cutting the time to create or assign courses.

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Our CE tracking software helps you keep your continuing education records up-to-date and automate the creation of reports.

Our software makes it easy to track CEU credits and create reports. You can even automate the process so that you never have to worry about it again. With CE Unlimited, your staff will always be up-to-date on continuing education requirements. Plus, our software is easy to use and helps you save time – so you can focus on what’s important.

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Healthcare leaders can leverage CE Unlimited to:

Create a more engaged workforce_G

Create a more engaged workforce


Foster a culture of lifelong learning


Improve clinical skillsets and care delivery


CE Unlimited Product


  • 1,800+ multi-disciplinary CE titles
  • Complimentary CertPrep Mobile App
  • 40+ RN specialty CertPrep programs
  • 20+ skills-based virtual simulations
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Integrated with HealthStream learning, Jane, ePortfolio
  • Automated reporting to CE Broker and CE Tracker
  • Multiple modalities to meet the needs of various learners
  • Learner-focused user experience
  • Quarterly updates and notifications
  • Success toolkit for internal promotion

Initiatives and goals supported:

  • Professional development and engagement programs
  • Professional licensure requirements
  • Specialty certification preparation and maintenance
  • Recruitment and retention programs
  • Lifelong learning culture
  • Quality measures
  • Leader/Expert development
  • Various ANCC and Magnet programs



    multi-disciplinary CE titles


    Specialty CertPrep Programs

    Client Spotlight

    In less than 18 months of having CE Unlimited as a Nursing Professional Development online learning option for PHSSC nurses, over 4,500 courses have been completed by over 1,200 individual nurses! That's a marker of success and user desire for this type of learning! I am thrilled!

    Kathy Harren, MSN, MHA, NEA-BC

    Regional Director Nursing Institute

    Providence & Health Services Southern California

    It allowed us to quickly evaluate and prepare nurses for transition into new care areas in response to COVID.

    Jennifer Gromko

    UofL Hospital

    As a healthcare leader, are you:

    • Frustrated by the lack of resources available for staff professional development?
    • Hoping to align organizational initiatives with the goal of lifelong learning for all staff?
    • Looking for more ways to cut costs and save time?

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