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Streamline your scheduling with software created for nurses, by nurses

NurseGrid Manager seamlessly integrates with the NurseGrid™ mobile app, the top nurse scheduling app in the nation, with over 86K user reviews and a 4.9-star rating.

Your staff can utilize our free mobile app to self-schedule, connect with their colleagues, and find other nurses available for swaps. Plus, once a swap is agreed upon, managers will be sent the swap immediately for approval, removing the need for paper responses or email chains.

Leaders can also use this app to create equality in schedule, easily track overtime, and reduce reliance on agency nurses.

With one in eight nurses actively using NurseGrid, the chances of your staff already taking advantage of this tool are high, and our simple onboarding process means you can engage and support them in a whole new way.

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Schedule transparency available anytime, anywhere

NurseGrid is now available on the Apple Watch and WearOS Watches. This SmartWatch update allows nurses and managers to quickly see their schedules, easily accept shift swaps, and so much more.

The scheduling you need, the support they want

When it comes to your team, you are doing everything you can to support them as they care for patients. With NurseGrid Manager, you can extend that support to scheduling by providing your team with self-scheduling options, simplified shift swapping, and schedule management from their mobile devices, on the app they’re already utilizing, NurseGrid. Plus, this easy-to-use software can streamline nurse and staff scheduling, for any team and any budget, so you and your staff can focus on the task at hand: providing the highest-quality care.

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Make the most of NurseGrid Manager’s unique features to:

Empower leadership to focus on management, not scheduling.


Schedule shifts with ease

Create a more engaged workforce_G

Increase shift diversity, equality, and satisfaction

Record and Manage Attendance_C

Keep up with the flow of swap requests

Product Details

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With NurseGrid Manager, leadership can easily build schedules and shifts unique to their staff, units, and departments. It also allows managers to create various permissions based on ranking, and makes it simple and easy to track overtime and agency use.

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NurseGrid streamlines scheduling and communication for leaders and managers. In just a few taps, managers can instantly approve swaps, post open shifts, and communicate any schedule changes or updates.

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Inside this top-rated nurse scheduling app, your nurses can quickly and easily view their schedule, see who they’re working with, and integrate their work calendar with their personal calendar, giving them next-level control and transparency. Plus, this app also allows them to effortlessly swap or pick up shifts, connect with colleagues, and communicate with managers.


Nurses reported higher job satisfaction


Reduction in manager time spent filling shifts


Calls, texts, and emails eliminated

With NurseGrid Manager you can:

Avoid the misery of implementing one more mediocre system that does not help engage your dynamic workforce, help fill open shifts from employed staff, and ultimately reduce labor costs. Contact us today!

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